Acct 352 Course Project

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Course Project

Section I: Overview
Peachtree is an accounting software program sold by Sage, whose parent company is the Sage Group. The software is geared for use by small- to medium-sized businesses and has progressed through several generations over the years since its conception. Initially, Peachtree was sold by Peachtree Software, a company that was established in 1978. Peachtree accounting software was acquired by the Sage Group in 1998. When it comes to managing your business, Peachtree accounting software by Sage is one of the most efficient software programs on the market. It can help you keep up with your office books, from payroll to accounting to customer accounts. Peachtree makes life a little easier when it comes to managing your business.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Peachtree software is its age. The original program was written in 1978 and has endured more than three decades. The endurance of the software showcases not only its usefulness, but also the trust businesses have placed in it over the years. In its 2010 version, Peachtree Accounting fully integrated analytical software into its features. With this feature, you will be able to compare your company's revenue, gross margins and sales with competitors, see how your company ranks within your industry and view financial trends that are relevant to your business practices. Peachtree Accounting allows you to open accounts for different companies under the same user name. In other words, if you operate more than one business, you will be able to view each company's financial information and manage all accounts from the same screen. While this seems like a simple feature, most other business accounting programs force you to have completely separate accounts and will not allow you to have them open at the same time. Peachtree Accounting comes bundled with the Peachtree Automatic Backup program. With this program, you do not have to worry about setting up backups every night. You configure the backup program upon installation and it will regularly backup all your data for you. You can backup to an off-site server or to an on-site external hard drive. Backups are important because your company's financial information is, arguably, the most important information to have in case of a fire or system failure. With the automatic backup feature, not only is your financial information safe, but it also saves your client list, a complete transaction history and employee management files. Peachtree Accounting is the bread and butter of Sage Software's business plan. As such, the company is constantly working to improve the program with better technology. For example, with the 2010 release, Peachtree included a brand new database framework that makes it easier for companies to use the program in multi-user environments and makes the program more stable than its predecessors. Peachtree enables comptrollers and managers to automate and manage numerous accounting tasks, like: Reconciling accounts payable and receivables, creating financial statements, check invoices, tracking banking transfers and payroll, importing and manipulating spreadsheets, integrating scanned documents like checks, receipts and invoices, eliminating paper from the accounting process. Also, includes this standard accounting features: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Payroll, Time and Billing and Job Costing, Fixed Assets, Analysis, Reporting and many others. Peachtree software offers a variety of software packages with different features. The packages include Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium and Quantum. Basic is the entry-level program, Standard includes payroll, Advanced includes management tools and Premium includes advanced-management tools. Peachtree software's most comprehensive package is Quantum, designed to be used by up to 30 licensed users. The price can go from $25 up to more than $12,000 depending on the...
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