Acct 110

Topics: Discrete probability distribution, Random variable, Probability theory Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Home Work (Chapter One)

1. Define each of the following statistical terms:
a. Descriptive statistics
b. Statistical inference
c. Population
d. Sample

2. Explain whether each of the following represents a population or a sample. a. Number of goals scored by all teams of champion's league. b. Cars owned by 200 families in Dammam.
c. Monthly salaries of all employees of a company.
d. Yield of tomatoes per ha for 20 plots of land.
e. Number of CD players sold last month by all electronic stores in Saudi Arabia. f. Amount spent on groceries by 300 shoppers in Raid.

3. Identify each of the following studies as either descriptive statistics or statistical inference: a. Examine the weights of a sample of 25 manufacturer parts to see if the average weight of all the parts produced by the process is 3 pounds. b. Post the average final score for the statistics class. c. Estimate the percentage of the US population that will vote for George W. Bush in the next presidential election. d. Select a random sample of 50 babies born in 2000 and estimate the birth weight of all babies born during the same year. e. Examine the weights of a sample of 10 candy bars to see if their average weight is 6 ounces. 4. For each of the following examples, identify the data type as nominal, ordinal, or interval. a. The letter grades received by students in a computer science class b. The number of students in a statistics course

c. The starting salaries of newly Ph.D. graduates from a statistics program d. The size of fries (small, medium, large) ordered by a sample of Burger King customers. e. The college (Arts and science, Business, etc.) you are enrolled in.

5. Which type of data (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) is each of the following variables? a. Number of goals scored by a football player during a season. b. Temperature in Dammam during summer....
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