Accounting Thesis

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1.2. Statement of the Objective:

In general terms, this research seeks to know the feedback of first-year B.S.A. Students towards their course, the present study addresses the following questions:

1.What are the feedback of the first-year B.S.A. Students towards their course in terms of the following: a. Professors
b. Curriculum
2. How their professors and curriculum affects their feedback?

1.3. Significance of the Study:

Accountancy Students will benefit to this study because they will know the benefits of the B.S. Accountancy Course after they graduate. They can decide if they will continue this course or they will choose for the other course. They will benefit to this study because they can say if this course is easy or hard for them.

Accountancy Professors can benefit to this study because if they know the feedback of their students or their past students, they can adjust on how they will teach their students. They will get an ideas on how they will teach their students or their future students. Through this study, professors can choose what would be the teaching strategies that would be applied to B.S.A. Students.

Administration will benefit to this study in terms of applying the knowledge that they will acquire to their job. And they will be aware to the students that they are managing.

Parents will benefit to this study because they can decide if they will allow their child to take this course. 1.4. Scope and Delimitation

The study consist of the perceptions and feedback of the first-year B.S.A. Students of ABE International Business College Taft Campus. This study limits its coverage on the first-year accounting students only. It's main purpose is to identify the feedback of the accountancy students towards their course. And this study focuses on the current first-year students of the present school year, 2012-2013.

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature

Baysa and Lupisan (2011) defined accounting as a service activity. They said that the main function of accounting practices is to provide quantitative information, primarily financial in nature, about economic entities that is intended to be useful in making economic decisions. They stated that the primary duty of accountants is to render services by providing information about economic entities that is measure in terms of money.

The summaries of accounting education research presented by Williams et al. (1988) and Rebele et al. (1991, 1998), however, reveal that no empirical study has performed a direct assessment of accounting students’ perceptions regarding any individual accounting course. Nor has any study performed an assessment of the relationship between course perceptions and major selection.

In another accounting book, Manuel (2011) gave the definition of accounting as a language that communicates essential information for decision making (p.9).The author also noted that all businesses have one common factor: they all need vital information before making critical decisions. This is where accounting comes in as it plays a vital role in tracking down the activities and resources of a business and reporting back these activities in the form of relevant information (p.2).

A number of studies have identified features of feedback that are important for learning. For example, Sadler (1989) defined three conditions necessary for students to gain real value from feedback: (1) Students need to be aware of the standard or the expected level of achievement necessary to secure a particular grade in the subject; (2) Students require feedback that provides them with a clear understanding of their current level of performance (on a specific assessment task, for example); and, (3) Quality feedback provides students with a road map to follow that will bridge the gap between (1) and (2). An important point noted by Sadler is that we should not assume that students know how to use the feedback map to...
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