Accounting System

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Accounting System
Tonya Freeman-Gely
April 1, 2013
Jeffrey Doolin

Kudler Fine Foods is an ever growing company that has grown from one store to a total of three and now it is extremely important for the right Accounting System to be put into place. There are many areas that must be covered in order make sure that the right system is being used and these are: Key features, Core technology, Benefits, and Costs. The best system that will cover these areas and will benefit the company the most is Windward System Five, but regardless of the system do not let the cost dictate what the company will utilize.

Accounting System
An accounting system is beneficial to any organization or company, and finding the right accounting system for Kudler Fine Foods is a must. It is understandable to be apprehensive when it comes to purchasing a new system, especially when it comes to cost. Throughout this paper there will be certain areas discussed that will help when it comes to acquiring a new accounting system. The areas of concern would be: key features, core technology, benefits, and costs. Main Body

By streamlining and accelerating vital activities such as budget creation, allocation, and management; cash flow analysis; accounts payable and receivable; management of capital equipment and other assets; and financial reporting, accounting software can dramatically increase the productivity of finance staff members, while improving financial performance management and strategic company planning (Accounting Software Key Features, 2013). Now on there are six steps that are listed in order to be successful when selecting accounting software: 1. Involve the right people

2. Define the challenge
3. Choose a consultant
4. Evaluate Application performance
5. Choose a Software vendor
6. Implement the system (How to Choose an Accounting System, 2005). Windward System Five is the right choice for...
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