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Accounting Software Memo

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Accounting Software Memo

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To:John Smith
Date: 2/12/12
Re:Project Leader for Accounting Software
I am sure you are aware that our accounting software here at Krazy Kreations, is extremely outdated. I would like to assign you to the task of Project Leader, and like you to find, research, and install the best accounting software for our company. I will give you until February 26, 2012 to complete this task. Please remember that our company is a pretty large company, and I believe that our accounting software should include certain task. Such as the following: accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, purchasing, general ledger, sales invoicing, and inventory control. When you are determining what accounting software is the best for our company, I would like you to consider a few factors. The factors that need to be considered are: budget, product features, support, vendor credibility, scope of business, and knowledge required. It is always important to remember your budget. You do not want to spend too much, but you also want to get a software that is worth spending money on. Scope of business is a factor that you should also consider. You should know everything that our company needs in accounting software. Product features and knowledge required is also an important factor to consider when choosing accounting software. You should know all the features of the software and know how to use it. You will also have to teach other employees how to use the software, so you do not want to get one that is too difficult to learn. Finally, vendor credibility and support are important factors to consider. You will always need support and upgrades in this future. If your vendor is not reliable then there is no point in investing in the software. Once you choose a software that is best for our company, please install it and teach others how to use it.

Corporate Manager

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