Accounting Software Installation Case Study

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The CCPM Dilemma Case Study|
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Table of Contents
Project management4
Case study5
Brief explanation of the CCPM5
Basis of CCPM5
Advantages of CCPM5
CCPM method helps overcoming the following obstacles:5
Disadvantages of CCPM6
Assessing Project management issues:6
Potential resolution8
Conclusion and Recommendations10

To succeed as a company/organization you should be able to meet the demand by delivering products and services according to specific standards, set by the company in order to satisfy the targeted segment. Meeting these standards is much complicated from what it seems. To be able to enter an industry you need to plan, execute, monitor, and control every aspect of the business and prioritise time, cost and performance depending on the life stage of the company. Moreover, the establishment of a company is not a complicated issue, but the ability to maintain and keep up with the rapid growth, is one of the reasons Project management was introduced. Other than the rapid growth, there are other reasons which helped in introducing Project management such as, exponential expansion of human knowledge and the world wide competitive markets for the production and consumption of goods and services. In this paper I will explain the term Project management in general and include a brief explanation of the CCPM -Critical Chain Project Management-, in order to analyse a case study. It will also include an explanation of the problem and a possible solution for the situation. Project management

Project management is the art of planning, organising and managing resources in order to meet organizational goals. In order to attain desired results, goals set for the project should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time –, since the main objectives of PM are cost – acquiring resources within the set budget-, time – trying to finish all the tasks set for the project within a specific period of time- and performance- to be efficient-. The aim of project management is to accomplish specific goals set by the organization while the aim of organizing tasks as a project is to focus responsibilities and authorities on an individual or a group. Furthermore, many businesses no longer depend on a single service or product for their company profits. Instead, they branch out from the original plan and take daring risks in delivering more than the originally planned product depending on the demand. This will lead to having more than one department and production line at the same time which increases the risk of leaving small management facts unattended. Projects are created to organise and build a clear path for the objectives within the allocated resources, given time and maximum efficiency for the performance. Case study

CCPM – Critical Chain Project Management
This technique was the final solution to which the consultant that the firm hired resorted to in order to meet the deadlines for the department. Brief explanation of the CCPM
There is no specific definition for the CCPM, but the aim of using CCPM is to reduce the amount of time used to finish a specific task to 50% and increase deliverables to 10%. Basis of CCPM
* Restriction on resource.
* Time limit on tasks.
* Clear time for completion.
* Time limit at the end of a sequence of tasks set.
* Identifying the amount of resource needed before ordering resources. Advantages of CCPM
* Removes bottleneck to resolve limitations
* Its lean which helps in eliminating waste
* Uses six sigma to reduce variations
* Makes planning and control process more clear
CCPM method helps overcoming the following obstacles:
* Murphy’s law which states that what goes wrong will go wrong and that shoes lack of...
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