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  • Published : July 26, 2012
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As an accountant, it is critical to say that many of the possible complications that arise in this case are due to feeble project management and monitoring issues. After analyzing your transcript it became visible that an apparent organizational structure ceases to exist. Examining the relationship with your business partner and the staff reaction to this matter, it is recommended that authority should be centralized and responsibilities should be delegated with accountability. Furthermore, direct reporting approach should be taken to ensure decisive information is available in an orderly manner. To take it a step further, it is advisable that formal code of conduct and policy and procedure manual is present to explain proper business practices on handling of responsibilities and transactions conducted throughout the company. It seems that a new information system was introduced without formal principals of control; which may be the reason that the system could not be utilized effectively as needed. In order to control the system a strategic master plan is recommended which will align the company’s business strategies and company goals with the company’s information system infrastructure. In addition, Darren confessed to having issues with performing tasks with the new system; therefore, to manage this issue he can look into devising a project development plan which will show how projects will be completed, tasks that need to be completed and who will perform them. Considering the professional complaint filed against the company it should be noted that information security prevention techniques should be an integral part of company policy and procedures; to ensure that company members safeguard authentication controls. The new system had many costs associated with it, which were unplanned. The implication of such a difficult situation is that perhaps the system may not have been able to reach the launch stage due to its cost. It is important that in the near...
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