Accounting Information System

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On current term where technology and system is information has wented places that so quick, have revamped each'''s transaction processing finance transactions of earlier one manual to process computerised one. This causes a lot of entitas carries on business to have gets to conform to that change. Since that change have made environmentally emulation at any given industry gets competitive, where if an entitas not at support by good Information System therefore entitas that won't get to get long-lasting at its business field. To that is each entitas carries on business to have realises that System and Information Technology have become progressively essential and constitutes tools that effective to win emulation, and one of system necessary for information entitas carries on business is System Accounting Information. Marginally logistic or benefit of Accounting Information System for entitas for example: As tool to back up opersional's activity firm one'''s day day becomes more effective and efficient, As tool to back up each decision making which did by corporate internal decision Taker, and as tool for meeting each work that becomes to do bit firm. And with Accounting Information System that gets computer's basis, therefore exhaustive'''s activity firm activity will get to work meagrely employee but gets to result accurate information, can trusted, and is of service whenever be needed. But, with all top which is gotten deep system and that information technology is otherwise supported by Man Resource that handal and implementation in point, therefore result which is gotten also won't maximal, or just will get to disadvantage firm that mengimplementasikannya. to that is SDM what does handal also indispensable. Information technology have made'''s firm currently firm really hangs self on system information to keep firm viability (going-concern) and for gets to compete by competitors it. To it system's management information constitutes thing that momentously to been done. In a general way, '''s firm perusahan outgrows as manufacturing business have'''s transactions myriad transactions in corporate operational activity one'''s day day. But focus is main in this therefore is main transactions on manufacturing business which is buy transactions( Cash expenditure) and sell transactions( Cash acceptance). Reason main why is focused on the two that transactions because as we have already known cash constitute one of asset are likuid the most, one that can used to pay corporate operational activity or gets to be utilized to pay current firm liabilities. To that is operation in point has to be established for that cash each acceptance and also cash expenditure is transactions that valid or have at authorization legitimately. Besides in this paper will be worked through how system its accounting information that constitutes a system application is computerized that mengolah can corporate finance transaction data one good manners.

'' first tama will be worked through whats it cash acceptance transactions and cash expenditure transactions. In a general way, cashes accepting transactions be causative financial transactions corporate revaluation as cash or one par of cash increase. Where is cashes accepting source which prevalent deep corporate indigenous cash sell, redemption cash acceptance credit for credit sell, and another acceptance as yielding as temporary investment sell or corporate fixed asset sell The same as with cash acceptance, cash expenditure shall also be brought off in such a way face so not happening glosses over or deceitfulness in its performing that beget firm loss. Cash expenditure usually as paying as did by firm for various stationary kind, e.g. debt payment, karyarwan's payoff and another costs. To give that tall confidence each transactions which beget input or its issue cash quite a available its relationship with corporate activity and with...
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