Accounting in 15 Years- Reaction Paper

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Valdez, Victoria Janina V.
What Will the Next 15 Years Bring?”
By: Michael Alles, Alexander Kogan, and Miklos A. Vasarthelyi (Faculty members of the Rutgers University, Neawark, New Jersey, USA)

The paper focused on single greatest change agent facing accounting in the next 15 years which is technology. Emerging trends in technology will fundamentally alter the way in which both business and accounting will be conducted. The measurement and reporting of business transactions, long considered a core competency of accountants, will be challenged by the information economy, forcing accountants to justify their role in business. The foundations of the profession will be eroded by the opposing demands of emerging services and established values. The prospects for accountants have never looked better: There is a growing demand for the provision and analysis of information in the new economy. But the value chain that accountants used to dominate, that between the firm and the long-term shareholder, is now on the margins of a wider environment marked by day traders, continuous media coverage, and rapid equity shifts. Accountants/Financial Managers have yet to come up with a strategy, much less products, for how they will take a larger share of this marketplace. While continuous reporting and assurance are promising, there is no guarantee that the market will grant accountants a monopoly on these products; their legally protected role as auditors might actually be an artificial barrier to tackling competitive threats head on. It makes little difference to the emerging global economy whether its information processing needs are carried out by professionals called "accountants" or someone else. But that choice will clearly determine the future of the profession. Relevance of Accounting in 2015

Central to the future of accounting is the continuing relevance of accounting measurement for corporate management and firm...
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