Accounting Firm Report

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Part (a)

This accounting firm is named as Chapman and French, and its office is located on Suite B3, 2 Central Avenue, THORNLEIGH NSW 2120. There is an online website for researchers or clients, and the address is They are chartered accountants with 7 members, and they are people of 2 directors, a consultant, a financial planner, an accountant, an administration supporter, and a receptionist.

There were several explorations for the career or employment opportunities provided with this company, however, there was not any information on this website. Fortunately, there was the Contact service on the website, and was a chance to email them if they are providing any opportunity of internship or not. However, their reply was that there is no position available at present.

At Chapman and French, their aim is to offer the clients the best service with all of financial needs including accountancy, taxation, financial planning and business development. In addition, they are able to assist clients from the working life to retirement such as assistance with investments, superannuation, risk insurance and also finance needs. Not only the services on the list, the clients are able to ask for the requirements to have a discussion about any other services that are not listed on Chapman and French’s website.

From the investigation of Chapman and French’s website, it is highly informative and easy to navigate. Because the pages is connected to the lots of links which helps the clients to browse the page easily, and also that inform the clients what the correct understanding of the accounting term is and how Chapman and French is capable of helping them. For instance, if a client wants to know how Chapman and French could help him or her about the budgeting, and when he or she clicks the link, then there is little bit of information about the budgeting such as what a good budget is and why it is necessary. Also there is a suggestion...
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