Topics: Crime, Political corruption, Violent crime Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: May 9, 2013
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| Earl-Rae Husselmann
Grade 10 C

[Accounting: case study]|

Question 1:
1.1. They indentify fraud and try to find out why people commit such crimes. Teach or enrich people by letting them know what is right. They probably teach people or students how to uncover fraudulent acts carried out by citizens. They try to find the causes for people committing white-collar crimes. 1.2. Anything to do with fraud and bribery or corruption involving finance. People who are well educated that steal large amounts of money illegally. 1.3. People that can’t control their greed and temptation. Things like materialism and vulgar consumerism encourages a climate of self centeredness. The overriding passion for personal gain is a reason. The declination in traditional channels of moral self-control and changes in the ethical role in religion promotes such crimes. 1.4. Attorneys trust account is an account for Attorneys allowing them to hold funds on the customer's behalf. 1.5. KPMG and they questioned 1000 listed companies and 400 ‘public entities’. 1.6. A department that focuses immensely on the detail of the accounts of companies which undergo fraud and investigations are carried out by this unit into suspects (mainly employees). 1.7. The weakening of social values is seen as the main reason for the increase. 1.8. It brings the reputation of big companies down if fraud takes place and because it’s not a violent crime it doesn’t really faze people and it’s not really harshly punished. It’s embarrassing and it leaves nasty scar in your reputation which can never be repaired. Question 2

2.1. The right to control the use and distribution of movies and software or any artistic creation, in South Africa. Because it’s basically theft and stealing is a crime. Producers of these things want a profit and if it is stolen that won’t happen. 2.2. The Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) and the Southern African Federation Against Copyright Theft...
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