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If you are looking for a degree that can land you a good job, a high degree of job security, and available options when it comes to finding an employer, an accounting degree could be a great choice for you. There is a price to be paid for the popularity of accounting roles though, as the work is not always easy, there can be a high degree of detail oriented work involved, and most of the duties involved require a rather sedentary style of work.Accounting is largely the understanding, tracking, and reviewing of how the financial side of a business or businesses works. As an accountant, you will often find yourself involved in, and responsible for, ensuring the proper documentation, tracking, and analyzing of financial matters related to the overall financial operations of an organization.COURSEWORK While degree programs and course titles vary between institutions, there is certain coursework that is often common among accounting degrees. Expect to find curriculum relating to general accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, finance, taxation, economics, and auditing. Depending on the program in which you enroll, you might be required to take certain specialized courses or coursework revolving around business related subject matter such as communications, negotiations, and business law.JOB PROSPECTS The job prospects for those graduates with accounting degrees are often positive. There are few times when companies aren’t in need of accountants. As we’ve seen with the recent financial crisis, when times are good, accountants are often needed to handle an increased amount of business income, help direct cash flow, and look for innovative ways to invest or disburse money. When times are tough, accountants are often needed for restructuring purposes, to help find ways of cutting expenses, or to aid in the implementation of new policies and directives.ADVANCEMENT  Advancement opportunities within accounting careers are often widely available and vary greatly between industries and experience. Graduates will likely find that a wider array of advancement opportunities become available to them if they become a certified public accountant, also known as a CPA. Not only can becoming a CPA open a broader variety of positions to an accountant, it can significantly increase the desirability of the accountant to prospective employers as well increase the rate of pay being offered for accounting work. In some instances, companies will hire accountants with the expectation of the accountant working toward, and passing the CPA exam, and may even offer assistance with paying for additional coursework needed for this certification. Many people also get an accounting degree online to accelerate their career.| |

There are a LARGE number of jobs for accounting grads. In fact, it probably is one of the best fields for immediate, high paid employment around. What is interesting about accounting, unlike that of other fields like engineering and science, is that accountants are needed in both booming economies and in recessionary economies.

2. What can I do with accounting if I don't want to practice accounting? People seem to ask whether they should major in finance or some other area of business. Without question, an accounting major opens up more opportunities that that of any other business major. You not only can practice accounting, but accountants are found in many areas of management, and also found in the financial sector. 

Many folks think that majoring in finance is the major ticket to investment banking. This isn't necessarily true. From what I have seen, accountants, who do very well in school, have as great and maybe even a better shot at investment banking jobs. Accounting enables you to understand the inner workings of business. It is truly the language of business. Thus, many folks in top management have accounting backgrounds.

3. What do I need to get a job with the Big 4 or top consulting firm? For the...
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