Accounting Essay

Topics: Accountant, Accounting scandals, Accountancy Pages: 4 (1014 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Accounting Essay: Important skill and attribute for success as a CA (Good Copy)

Cake is among one of the most popular desserts eaten at ceremonial occasions especially during events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. There are countless types of cakes in the world nowadays. Although most cakes share common cooking procedures, the ingredients are what define each type of cake from one another. Thus, the required ingredients of a particular type of cake are crucial in successfully making the cake. Similarly, certain expertises, attributes and skills of a Chartered Accountant lead them onto the path of success. Such expertise, attribute and skill required for success as a CA include having expertise in numeracy, good communication skills and a strong sense of integrity.

Generally speaking, many people in the world today have the misconception that the accounting profession is boring. Nevertheless, the CA designation requires accountants to be more involved in a far broader range of activities than just simple book-keeping. According to Henry Cisneros, accounting “is not a field that is standing still- it’s changing very rapidly…accounting is not a boring profession anymore” (Dalal). Thereupon, the journey to become a successful CA is very long and excruciating. First of all, students have to endure through the countless university assessments and exams to obtain a business degree. Be mindful that “the business degree alone will not qualify you as a chartered accountant” (“How to Become a Chartered Accountant”). After obtaining the 4-year, 120 credit-hour university degree, one must complete a CA accredited university program or, obtain 3 years of practical experience with a CA training office. Afterwards, it is necessary for one to successfully complete the ICAO Professional Program. Ultimately, one is required to write and pass the Uniform Evaluation (UFE) in order to be qualified as a CA (“Become a CA”). After all, there is a good...
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