Accounting Capstone

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Cales Cares Financial Services, LLC
May 26,2012
Nedra Cales
2085 Rishel ST
Clarksville, TN 37038

Table of Content
A.Executive Summary.......................................
a1. Business Identification
a2. Mission, Goals and Objectives
a3. Keys to Success
B.Company Summary
b1. Industry History
b2. Finanical services
b3. Location and Facilities
b4. Management Structure
b5. Products and Services
C.Market Analysis
c1. Target Market
c2. Industry Analysis
c3. Competitive Analysis
D.Market Strategy
d1. Pricing, Product, Promotion and Place
d2. Price list
d3. Selling Strategy
d4. Sales Forecast
E.Implementation Strategy
e1. Overall Strategy
e2. Implementation
e3. Control Plan
F.Financial Statements and Projections
f1. Revenue and Cost Estimate
f2. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement
f3. Forecasted Balance Sheet
G.Financial Projectives
g1. Breakeven Point
g2. Financial Position
g3. Capital Investment needs

Business Identification
During times of habitual deployments and frequent relocation, personal finances can become perlexed for military personal and families. Questions arise, such as How much money is need to adquately cover the initial cost of reloction? To what state am I require to pay income tax? The department of defense offer a 20 year retirement plan is that enough to cover actual future retirement expenses. Have no fear Cales cares' will be there to assist.

On September1 2012,Cales Cares Financial Services LLC, in Clarksville, TN 37047 is projected to comense full operations specializing in the need of our service man,women and families. Cales Care's is a small three member LLC. Providing fast, efficent,and affordable finanical service. To include but are not limited to tax prepartion and advicement, bookkeeping, retirement planning, and personal financial advicement. Mission, Goals...
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