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RINT - Task 2:
Harrison Rusinyak

Scientific Concepts or Phenomenon
Solar System
The Solar System in past concepts.
Earth was thought to be the center of the Universe. —The stars and planets revolved around the Earth. —The Earth was thought of as flat.
No one experimented to see how far they can see. —The Solar System current concepts.
The planets revolve around the sun.
Earth is a 4-dimentional sphere that changes over the planets lifetime. —Astronomers only limitation is how big their telescopes are.

Our understanding of how this planetary body works was a long and slow result of time and patience. —From the ancient Stonehenge to the modern supercomputer. —Stonehenge was a meeting place for sacrifice to keep the heavens stable. —The modern supercomputers find key subtleties and proving or disproving the result in an instant. —We watched the heavens, noticing irregularities of how the sun, moon and planets danced through the year. —We have refined our understanding by experimenting. —We experiment through mathematics or field work.

Stonehenge -
Stonehenge was the monument for ancient priests to gather —The monument was comprised of 4 works.
Pre-Stonehenge (BCE– 4 empty pits which that once house wooden posts. —Stonehenge I (3100 BCE) - A circular ditch enclosure, with entrances on the north and south side. —Stonehenge II (2550 BCE) - No longer noticeable due to human traffic and deterioration. —Stonehenge III (2100 BCE) – sequence of pillar stones, trilithons, etc. —The Stonehenge monument was built to simplify the exact starts of key events throughout the year. —The Solar and Lunar calculations to gauge what month of the year it is. —Such events where for the Summer Equinox, and such for farmhands to begin and end their cultivation. —The mystery of how Stonehenge was used exists to this day. (Mystic Realms, 2012), (Witcombe, 2011)

Examples (Continued)
Antikythera Mechanism -
The ancient Greeks built a complex network of brass gears. —The Greeks designed a gear-wheel box to predict where the planets are in the heavens. —This mechanism intricately showed how the planetary bodies - very exactly - retrograded year by year as the Earths moved through its orbit. —This is counterintuitive to today’s thinking. —The mechanisms gear wheels where set up using the mathematical tables used by the Greeks. —On the reverse side was a circular calendar year spiraling. —Using the 18 month eclipse theory handed down by the Babylonian Priests. (jonewscientist, 2008)

Examples (Continued)
Computer Tracking -
Supercomputers are a multicomputer platform.
The supercomputer takes maximum computing power in the shortest amount of time. —The Kuiper Belt asteroids are absent in the presence of a large gravity well planets. —The high gravity of planets pulls the meteors in. —Asteroid absence may deduce unknown planetary bodies. —The system has to be young for Scientists to test their asteroid theory. (Reddy, 2010)

Historical Event
Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact of Jupiter
The first Exoplanet discovered.
(Calar Alto Observatory, 1994)

Social and Historical Context of Events
Impact of Shoemaker-Levy 9
What Science found:
A rising fireball detonation was at each of the points of impact. — 21 scars blanketed Jupiter’s surface.
The scars would last for days.
(Calar Alto Observatory, 1994)

Analysis Support
Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact of Jupiter
The discovery was by Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker, and Mr. Levy. —A period of six days Jupiter...
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