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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Shameemah Sakildien
Grade: 12b/mfh
Business studies

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* Yes, because it helps the marketing plan of the company. It helps to customers to the business. It also helps the business by letting people know about the product or service.

* It is the term used to describe a company’s role in/or responsibilities towards society. It could also mean corporations should be regarded a citizens within a territory.

* There laws, rules and regulations as well as business ethics that needs to be considered, therefore “they only need to do what s required and no more”.

* -Big companies who uses CSI, exploit the resources available to them, where as smaller companies does not have that advantages. -There are no proper procedures so the company’s books may not be in proper order, therefore at the end of the financial year the company will have a problem with knowing where their assets and liabilities stand. -The corporate sector spends too much money on CSI where as that money could be put to better us. -CSI uses too much of their spending on education and too little on housing and safety as that should be first priority. -Companies using their procurement policies to

set up small business which is unethical.

* -HIV/AIDS programs that helps the employees and employers to understand what it is and how to deal with colleges who are infected with HIV/AIDS. -Transformation policies that are put in place to right the wrongs of the past by creating more opportunities for those non-white individuals to succeed. - Skills transfer to previously disadvantaged groups of people. This allows people who are not skilled in a certain area, to learn the necessary skills needed to succeed in their desired career. And in return breathes life into job creation. - Environmental impact was put in place, which allows businesses to play an active role in the environment, encouraging them to go green and to reduce their carbon...
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