Accountant Necessities

Topics: Wage, Salary, Accountancy Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Running Head: Accountants
Stacy Frank
CGD 218
Mike Miers
September 24, 2012

In my opinion Accountants are inspiring for people. They help can help you with financing and anything else such as tax etc. Accountants make sure that they give you the help you need before they let you get out of their eyesight. I myself also wanted to work at a bank. I always had plans on going to college and get my degree to become the Accountant I wanted to become. There are many different people in life who do things that can benefit others by helping them in so many ways. Your enjoyment is your fun and pride. Everyone have their own way of doing what is right and there are so who don’t care what they do. You have to strive for the best in order to be the best and you have to do perfect in whatever you do. Accountants do a great job when it comes to financing, tax reparations, records, and investors. They are on point when it comes to their work. They have a lot of paperwork to do but as long as you do what is asked of you to do then you are going to get your job done. It is amazing when you can find a bank that will allow you to get loans for important things that you need to get for yourself and help you out with things such as your utility bills and other things that need to be gotten. Everyone needs a little help in life. There are times when people struggle and they wonder how they are going to make it. There is something in me that make me feel so sorry for people like that. My thing about that is I try to help them in every which way. I plan to become an accountant in the future. There are many aspects of being an accountant. Accountants become the measurement, disclosure, and also the provision when benefiting with business. I will be able to precede financial information, investors, and tax authorities in life. You have to give life your all even though there are things that may follow. Accountants have to be very skilled workers for the...
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