Accountancy Guess Paper

Topics: Accounting software, Debt, Income statement Pages: 6 (1052 words) Published: July 31, 2011
Guess Paper – 2010
Class – XI
Subject – Accountancy

1. This question paper contains two parts. Part 1 and Part 2 2. Attempt all questions
3. All parts of the questions should be attempted at one place | |

1. Explain the various uses of accounting information?1 2. Name the various types of assets and liabilities?1 3. Define accounting1
4. Explain the two concepts in the following transactions: Purchased furniture from Rajan for Rs. 25,0001 5. Explain the Going concern concept of accounting1 6. Identify the dual aspects in the following transaction: Outstanding Salary Rs. 3001

7. Explain the money measurement concept of accounting.1 8. What are the difference between a compensating error and an error of commission?1 9. What are the uses of a trial balance?1

10. Explain the following terms:
a. Journal
b. Ledger
c. Bank Reconciliation Statement3
11. Draw the format of following subsidiary books:
a. Purchases day book
b. Sales day book
c. Petty cash book3
12. Journalise the following:
1-1-2009. Started business with cash Rs. 25,000
2-1-2009. Purchased furniture from Rajan Rs. 15,000
3-1-2009. Sold goods to Sukumaran Rs. 50,000
4-1-2009. purchased stationary for Rs. 300
5-1-2009. Paid Salary Rs 500.3
13. Prepare a Trial Balance from the following Data:
Cash25,000Capital 50,000
Land 20,000Overdraft30,000
14. Explain the various types of errors with example.3 15. Explain the various accounting concepts4
16. Prepare a bank reconciliation Statement from the following data: a. Balance as per Pass book Rs. 30,000
b. Cheque deposited into bank but not presented for payment Rs. 25,000 c. Cheque send for collection dishonored Rs.15,000
d. Bank charges debited not entered in the cash book Rs. 500 e. Interest charged on deposit not entered in the cash book Rs. 400 f. Cheque issued but not presented for payment Rs. 6,5004 17. Explain a Bill of Exchange and a Promissory note and explain the various parties in a promissory note and bill of exchange4

18. Explain the following :
a. Reserves
b. Provisions4
19. Prepare a Double column cash book form the following data: 1-1-2007 Opening Balance: cash 25,000 bank14,000
2-1-2007 Purchased goods for cash Rs. 30,000
5-1-2007 Sold goods for cash Rs. 80,000
6-1-2007 Paid rent Rs. 500
7-1-2007 Paid salary by cheque Rs1, 500
11-1-2007 Received cheque from Rajan Rs. 11,000
12-1-2007 Paid to Somu through cheque Rs. 12,000
15-1-2007 Cheque received form Rojan dishonored Rs. 15,000 20-1-2007 Paid rent through cheque Rs. 600
31-1-2007 Received commission through cheque Rs. 4006 20. On 1st January Reshmi sold goods to Somu for Rs. 45,000. Reshmi drew and Somu accepted three bills: a. 1st Bill for Rs. 20,000 for Two months which was kept till maturity. b. 2nd Bill for Rs15,000 for one month which was discounted @5%. c. 3rd Bill was for Rs. 10,000 for three moths which were send for collection 5 days before its maturity. Make the necessary entries in the books of Reshmi and Somu.6 21. On 1st January 2007 Ramu purchased furniture for Rs. 5, 00, 00. He spends Rs. 25,000 for its implementation. On 1st March 2007 he purchased machinery for Rs. 2, 50,000. On 1St January2007 He sold a part of machinery purchased on 1st...
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