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On the Cover
What will be on the next cover of Impress ions !!! Many thanks t o all those who contributed the cov er page for this issue of Im press ions. This cov er page was selected as it relates t o Autumn/ Winter colours them e. Hope y ou all will take part in the contribution of cov er page for the upcom ing issue. Please contact us at: ay esha.jam

O. ON & C ERGUS onal A. F. F I nter nati untants rk oopers red A cco C netwo erhouseC C harte of the Pw he PwC Pric ewat ber firm s form t firm s of a m em ese firm m ber ich m e ether, t h nder wh ices . Tog and u vi e serv d is the br e and pro “PwC ” ) operat ( PwC I L Lim ited

03-Editor’s Note 04-Editor’s Mailbox 05-Congratulations on Performing Hajj -2011 06-In memoriam Peek a Boo 07-Close up: In Conversation with NM Rustomjee -Senior Director Ev ents 10-Inauguration of new Learning Centre in Karachi Office 12-Pakistan CASA Students’ Conference host to Sri Lankan delegates Human Capital 15-Make Award 15-Day Care Center in Karachi 16-Departmental News 16-New Faces 17-Job Satisfaction 18-Self-Esteem in the Workplace 19-HR theories of motivation: Just theories or reality? Our People our v oice 21-Route to a Successful Training Session 23-Go Audit -1: Everlasting Memories 24-My visit & Experience at PwC Karachi 25-Musings of an Intern 26-Education and students union 27-This Door… A Fictional Story 28-Life is what we make of it! 29-The Treasure 30-Gold Medalist 34-Unforgettable Memories of Naufil Rashid 35-Wedding Bells & Baby Arrivals Weekender 36-Minneapolis, City of Lakes 38-RAS Cricket Challenge 2011: Cricket, Drama and Laughter Rev iews 40-The Business of Tourism 41-Food and Cuisine Interesting Facts of Life 44-The biological clock in plants 45-Alumni: Stay Connected with us 48-Congratulation on Promotions of 2011

Dear readers!

Editor’s Note

It is my pleasure to present the Autmn/Winter issue of Impressions. Within this issue, we have many interesting and illuminating commentaries for you. Firstly, we share the good news of a new Learning Centre that has been set-up in the Karachi office. This learning centre is equipped with the latest video conferencing equipment to conduct firm-wide learning sessions, which will connect Lahore and Islamabad offices and will act as a means of boosting Learning & Education activities in the Firm. We share an interesting interview with our senior Director, Mr. N. M. Rustomjee. Inspirational articles for our readers include interviews with gold medallists Hassan Hamid and Khizer Kapadia. I am glad to announce the start of a new section, Editor’s Mailbox, in which our readers’ feedback and comments are included. We wish to convey our Season’s Greetings to all the readers and wish you success in your endeavours. Happy reading!

Chief Editor Syed Fahim ul Hasan Autumn/ Winter Issue - 2012

Impressions Team
Chief Editor : Syed Fahim ul Hasan Editors: Nilofer Subhan , Aliya Bokhary Editorial Board Coordinators: Ayesha Jamil (KHI), Fazal Abbas (LHR), Kanza Naeem (ISL) Designer & Publisher : Ayesha Jamil


Human Capital

Dear Fahim: This column gives readers a look inside the editor's mailbox at some of our colleagues' comments and suggestions. We select the most interesting e-mail messages and post them in this section. What are you waiting for? Send your comments to right away! Dear Fahim: Please continue to send me “Impressions” as besides this is a wonderful reading, it isalso a source to keep me in touch with the firm. Regards, Aamir Jan Muhammad Group Financial Advisor Path Finder (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi ------------------------------------------------------Dear Editor: An excellent magazine. I enjoyed reading it. Some news about Alumni should also be given. I was in Karachi Section B 1997 - 2001. Regards, Sarmad Khan, FCCA, ACA Sarmad & Co Chartered Certified Accountants Surrey, UK ------------------------------------------------------To Impressions Team: Thank...
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