Topics: Non-commissioned officer, Corporal, United States Marine Corps Pages: 3 (1264 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Accountability and Integrity

In the Marine Corps integrity and accountability are a few traits that define who we are as marines and are key to define us as marines in the past and now in the future. The actions I have done the past few days were unbecoming of myself as a marine and as a person, they were not exemplary examples of what a marine should be or should act. The actions I have done as far are sleeping in my rack inside my room, after I lied to LCPL France that I was supposed to be in class at 0800 which I was not at. This does not reflect how a marine should act or portray himself especially myself as a marine. As a marine, we are taught the values of honor, courage and commitment. Integrity is also a vital part of the Marine Corps, which ties in with honor and courage. The definition of integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of ones actions. Through this definition, it takes courage and honor to do what is right and to always admit to any fault or mistakes regardless of the punishments. In the incident with Lance Cpl. Aaron Kelley, he showed exemplary moral integrity to do what was right in his situation (SSgt Roger). While working in his office, Lance Corporal Kelley stumbled across a packet of money, “$12,000, lay on the floor before him…two months earlier the money had been misplaced and suspected of being stolen, but the money never showed up and the investigation was closed” (SSgt Roger). Kelley had the chance to keep the money to himself and never be suspected but his moral integrity was strong and knew the right thing to do. With a clear conscious “Kelley grabbed his camera and took a picture of where the money lay. Without hesitation, he grabbed the money and immediately reported the find through his chain of command” (SSgt Roger). Knowing he had the chance for there to be a different outcome, Kelley chose the right one, which shows how strong his integrity is. Even though at the end of the day, “Kelley was...
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