Accountability: Policy and World Health Organization

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General descriptions of accountability
responsibility of individuals or organizations to provide information about, and/or justification for, their actions to other actors . General definitions of accountability include
Commitment of the individuals or agencies to provide information about, and / or justification for, Procedures for other actors.

Accountability strategy

Accountability strategy a new side. Accountability strategies show understanding organizations-sations' commitment relations with stakeholders accountable and support their ability to exercise leadership on accountability and related reforms. World Health Organization does not meet the principles of best practice in terms of accountability strategy. While the World Health Organization define stakeholders in key documents, it does not have a comprehensive strategy of accountability in place. WHO has not provided evidence to sign any external accountability obligations.


Transparency is to provide accessible information in a timely manner to stakeholders and open tional organizations procedures and structures and processes for evaluation. A non-transparent organization enables stakeholders to monitor their activities and keep them to account for their decisions and commitments and actions. Being transparent helps organizations build trust among stakeholders and avoid the challenges of confidentiality. World Health Organization (WHO) does not have a policy of transparency applies to all activities and tasks, and this reduces the ability of the World Health Organization to be accountable to stakeholders

Participation is the active participation of the Organization of stakeholders both internal and external courses taken and activities that affect them. Best applies in this side means that stakeholders should be given the opportunity to influence the decision-making, and not only the possibilities of the consent or acquiescence of any decision or activity. Post strengthens and buying property in return for what he has done by those they affect organizations.

Evaluation is a process by which regulate and monitor and review progress against the goals and objectives, reporting results, and feeds this knowledge from the future in planning and practice. Rating ensures that learn from the organization and be responsible for its performance. Evaluation Policy at the World Health Organization meets most of the principles of best practices, but there is no evidence of any quality management systems to support this policy. A new evaluation policy is currently going through different stages of the AP-proval, but did not enter into force yet .

Complaints and response
The complaint and response mechanisms channels established by the organization that enables internal and external to submit complaints about non-compliance issues with regulatory frameworks policy for or against decisions of substance and procedure, which ensures that is reviewed correctly such complaints and take action on them. The complaint and response mechanisms are processes of accountability of last resort, but an important way for organizations to prove they are serious about accountability and are interested in learning from their mistakes. Es.

Improving accountability systems in the of health

• Preparation of performance reports that are sent to the world Health Assembly.

• the development of the health system performance assessment framework And indicators for different levels of the system
• Conduct an independent review of the health system and linking In policy dialogue.

• gather evidence on the different tools to improve
Accountability and how they work in different environments.

• Work with professional associations to create a culture of health Accountable.

• Combining the various stakeholders in the health system
Rule to clarify the role of non-governmental organizations
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