Accountability in the Police Force

Topics: Police, Accountability, Mass media Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Legal Accountability: this means you have to follow the law that has been made at all times and you have to be seen as following the law. The police enforce this is taken very strictly. For example, the police have the:

Authority whose job is to oversee their work
Inspections by the Queens inspectors
Inspection by the Adult Commission
The independent Police Complaints Commission
The media, as they will publicise and may even twist things up to make it sound worse the fact if police offenders break the law. Professional Accountability: this means doing a job that has been given to you or someone else and doing it in the most efficient way possible and in a fair and conscientious manner. For example, if there was any discrimination of harassment within any police force around the world then there are many different ways it can be dealt with to try and solve the matter: •Through an employment tribunal

Through the police authority
Through the police association
Discrimination and harassment towards other people that you work with in any job is illegal and very unprofessional and actions will be taken. Other work practises which are not Discrimination or harassment and may be or may not be illegal can be dealt with: •Through the police discipline code

Informally, or by a supervisory officer

Overall from the data I have found the fire and rescue service is getting better at their job as they are saving more victims from house fires and car accidents and putting out fires more sufficiently, but it’s getting harder for them as more false calls come in everyday so it wastes more time and money and the fire rates are going up as more youths these days are drinking more and causing more trouble in the streets so giving all of the blue light service more jobs to do.

Political Accountability: The police for are not allowed to talk about their political views and they are not allowed to talk about what party they have voted...
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