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This project would not have been possible without the help of Oliver Irons, jasmine valentine, Jason Tad Thanks to all these people who have given their time and effort to help me with my project but most of all I would like to give a big thank you to the man upstairs God for giving me the strength and the knowledge to accomplish this SBA. Thanks to all.

Aims of the Project

The Projects goal is to be number 1 Computer Business in the world that gives you the highest quality services at a very low cost.

Aims of the Business

Shaw’s incorporated mission is to produce the highest quality computers and supplies at a low and affordable price that can not be found anywhere else.

Description of the Business

Shaw’s Incorporated Limited is a sole trader operated business which was established on August 1, 2011. The company is located at 152 Spanish Town Road, Kingston. The company sells computer supplies and accessories. The company is owned and directed by Mr. Dane-Andrew Shaw and employs seven (7) persons. The company controls 5% of the market.

Shaw’s Incorporated Organizational Chart


Accounting Procedures and Records Kept

The Accounting Records kept by (company name) are as follows: i. Receipts
ii. Invoices from suppliers
iii. Copy Invoices issued to customers
iv. Delivery Slips for goods purchased
v. Debit and Credit Notes issued to customers
vi. Debit and Credit Notes received from suppliers
vii. Bank Statements
viii. Bank Lodgment Slips
ix. Bank Advice slips
x. Returned Cheques from the Banks
xi. Journals
xii. Ledgers
xiii. Cashbooks
xiv. Stock cards
xv. Purchase Orders
xvi. Payroll records
xvii. Financial Statements to include the Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets and Cashflow Statements

Bank Statement

| | |Debit |Credit |Balance | | | |$ |$ |$ | |September 1, 2011 |Balance | | |364,000 | |September 1, 2011 |Burke’s (Machinery) |48,000 | |316,000 | |September 8, 2011 |Cash |50,000 | |266,000 | |September 8, 2011 |Wages |10,000 | |256,000 | |September 11, 2011 |NWC (Rates) |2,600 | |253,400 | |September 20,2011 |Wages |10,000 | |243,400 | |September 24, 2011 |Credit transfer (Q Smith) | |4,200 |247,600 | |September 29, 2011 |Wages |10,000 | |237,600 | |September 29, 2011 |Standing Order |15,000 | |222,600 | |September 29, 2011 |Bank Charges |65 | |222,535 |

General Journal

| | | | | | |Date |Details...
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