Account for the Success of Bowling for Columbine

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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The success of “Bowling for Columbine” has been accredited to Michael Moore and his talents in conveying his message through the film of the issues which plague American society. The reasons for this success are the subject of the film; there are the fear and racism in society and the controversial issues which Moore addresses through the film.

The growing fear of others in the States can be called many things such as hate but mainly racism. Moor interviews various individuals such as those who live in Columbine and those who live further away from the incident at the Columbine High school. It appears that those who live further away from are misinformed about what and why the incident occurred. This leads to hysteric fear of others and then the people who are scared try protect themselves with guns. There is an animated cartoon of which shows the history of why Americans are so scared; all their fear has been revolved around racism. This is the issue which more is indicating. He plays on this fear by using the irony of the residents which he interviews to prove that they are just afraid of the unknown. Another interview that shows irony is when he talks to a man that protected his house with many different safety precautions; Moore uses his witty comments and careful editing to defeat this man’s defences. Some of the interviews conversations have been cut out, he is trying to subjectively get his idea across to the viewer.

Bowling for Columbine has become more relevant to our society because of our changing times. Thought the events of Columbine High school there has been more shootings at schools in America, real events such as the one described increase the popularity of this film. This leads to the growing interest of the public to want to know more. We are being more americanised and we start to think that we are being changed by these types of events in America but in reality we aren’t. We are being influenced be films such as this and that is why it...
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