Accomplishments of Richard Iii

Topics: Edward IV of England, Henry VI of England, House of York Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Accomplishments of Richard III
Richard III was a strong and effective leader who improved England’s government and enforced fair laws. Although Richard III is most known as an cruel leader who was accused of several murders, he was a benevolent leader and did the best he could to help his subjects. Richard was also very charitable; he founded several important councils, did his best to enhance the cultural level of his people, especially the poor and strived to create an equal and fair land by creating new legal systems.

Richard Plantagenet was born on October 2nd, 1452, in Northamptonshire. His father was Richard, Duke of York, and his mother was Cicely Neville. When Richard’s father died, his eldest son Edward took the throne in 1460, and Richard III became admiral of England in 1461. In 1483 King Edward died, and his son was his heir. Soon after, King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville’s marriage was declared illegal because of a pre-contract of marriage between Edward IV and Lady Eleanor Butler; and Edward’s heir was considered illegitimate. Four days later Richard III seized the throne, and later married Anne Neville. (Moorhen.)

Richard III has been accused of several crimes throughout his reign, most of which can not be proven true or false. One of the first crimes Richard III was accused of was murdering Edward, Prince of Wales in 1471 on the field of Tewkesbury. Richard was also accused of killing King Henry VI in the Tower of London, also in 1471. At the time Polydore Vergil stated that Richard killed Henry with a sword in the tower. It is also possible that Edward IV was responsible for the death of Henry. This is reasonable because regicide could only be legally ordered by another monarch. There was also a rumor that Richard III drowned his brother Clarence, but there is no evidence that Richard had anything to do with his death. The Tudors spread many rumors about Richard III, mostly that he was responsible for Edward IV’s sudden death and that...
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