Accomodating Differences - Essay

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Accommodating Differences
Asia Jones
Grand Canyon University
Educational Psychology
EDU 313N
Janet Prouty
January 08, 2012

Accommodating Differences
As the student population in the United States continues to become more ethnically diverse, the education system is faced with challenges on how to provide equal education opportunities and academic success for all students. Today’s teachers must possess knowledge on how to accommodate cultural diversity in the classroom. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when being responsive to ethnic groups and their cultural values. Many ethnic groups have distinctive and similar values when dealing with teaching and learning. However there are ways to emerge diversity and curriculum into educational settings, while being respectful and aware (Ormord 2008). In order to effectively accommodate students, teachers should possess culturally responsive teaching combined with experience and cultural characteristics. This type of teaching method requires knowledge about all cultures, constructing learning communities, integrating cultural diversity into curriculum and using multicultural instruction strategies ( Gollnick & Chin 2009). This can be achieved by performing in depth cultural analyses of textbooks and multicultural literature because there are many contributions that have been made by various ethnic groups and teachers need to be aware of these accomplishments. Another way to integrate cultural diversity into classrooms is through symbolic curriculum. A great way to introduce this method to students is by honoring all cultural holidays, in the form of posters, signs, banners or a decorated bulletin board or pot lucks. The advantage of doing this is so teachers can educate their students on the different cultural holidays and the meaning of its importance. Due to misleading information displayed by the media and music industries,...