Accommodating Ell Students

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Accommodating ELL students

There are a lot of students in today’s classroom who are not fluent in the English language. As an aspiring teacher the first step I would take to ensure the success of these students would be to make sure that all of my students have respect for each other and make sure that there is not discrimination against students because of their differences or disabilities. Also making sure that my ELL student(s) are participating and working well together with my other students would be a plus. Making sure that these students feel involved within our classroom would be another step. I would also use language objectives because I think it would help these students better understand and learn the English language because it would have them more focused on vocabulary and many other parts of the language. I would also complete and explain my classroom assignments to have as a visual in hopes that it will help my ELL student(s) comprehend what I am expecting from the assignment. It would be beneficial for me and the student(s) if I learned their native language and if I became fluent in it so I could tell them what I am expecting of them. Repetition of vocabulary would be another step to ensure their success. I would encourage my ELL students when speaking English, not correcting them when they are speaking because by doing so it may discourage them. I would also have classroom games and activities that would be engaging and help my students create a bridge between their native language and English. Finally and most importantly I will be there in every way possible to serve as more than just a teacher but as a partner for these students.
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