Accommodating Differences in the Classroom

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning styles Pages: 4 (1037 words) Published: December 12, 2011

Accommodating Differences in the Classroom
Kia Wilson
Grand Canyon University

A classroom is made up of different personalities, attributes, backgrounds, and abilities. Each student in the classroom brings something special within the classroom. No one student is alike. Within a classroom, setting a teacher must sometime accommodate their teaching style based upon the students in the classroom. A teacher is effectively teaching when they can accommodate to their students in the classroom. Through this essay, one will be able to see how to accommodate to students who are visual learners, students who have social or behavioral problems, and students with learning disabilities.

A student can fall into three different learning styles. A student who is a visual learner likes to see how things are done. A student who is a visual learner has to have anything shown to them or look at pictures to see how a task is completed. This is the best way a student learns who is a visual learner. One cannot just tell them how to do something they must see it. Some special challenges an educator may have to overcome to accommodate this group would have to be that they must show visual learners how to do something. According to Charles Smith (2009) one must show visual learners exactly what you want them to do as well as not cutting corners when demonstrating the task. Some special learning opportunities for students who are visual learners could be the educator incorporating pictures or painting a mental image so the student can obtain a vivid picture in their mind. Elayne Masters (2008) believes that by making simple accommodations in lesson plans, teachers can create a setting that will provide visual learners with creative opportunities. An educator can accommodate visual learners in the classroom by supplementing some lessons with photos, videos, and movies. An educator who does this according to Elayne Masters gives visual...
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