Accident Report. some uestions about it

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To: MR. Lynch 22 Oct.
From: Mike Patel
Lee Park was injured while trying to change a recessed light bulb in the ceiling of the women’s locker room shower area. He was unassisted while trying to complete this task. While he was standing on a footstool, he received a minor electric shock that caused him to black out for a short period and hit his head on the wet floor. He was trying to replace a bulb before any women came in to shower because the bulb kept burning out and members kept complaining and no female employees could reach the socket. Alison, who has some first aid training and was on the front desk, arrived shortly after the accident because Petra Solinsky, a member heading out to the tennis courts, heard him scream and pressed the medical alarm button. Alison called up to ask me to wait for the ambulance. The ambulance arrived at 5:00 p. m. They shouldn't of taken so long. The ambulance loaded him onto a stretcher. They took him to North York Hospital. He has no injuries except a burned hand and sore head. These things can be avoided. It shouldn't have happened. The renovation crew needs to fix the wiring. Situation:

There is work to be done before you can begin to compose the final draft. Many questions have to be answered to make the details of your report complete and accurate (add any facts you need). For example, who is Lee Park? Why was he in the women’s locker room? Should he be doing this kind of task? Why was he alone? Was the wiring or light bulb defective? Was his preparation for the task adequate? Is Alison a last name? What other details are missing? Ask yourself everything you need to know until you are satisfied. Once the facts have been established you can then move on to questions to help with your analysis. What larger situation led to this accident? What is wrong with the lighting in the shower room? Does management know about it? Have measures been taken in the past to fix the problem? What does the union say about this?...
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