Accident Report

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Accident Report

A. Details of employee (s)

Name : Miss Lim Hoey Chun

Sex : Female

Race : Chinese

Age : 25 years

Department Attached : IT (Information Technology) Department

Designation : Junior Technician

Length of time

on present job : 3 years 4 months

B. Details of Incident

Date : 1 April 2012

Time : 8.00 p.m

Location : Staff Tecnician Room

Equipment involved : Cables and wired

Injury : Head and arm Injuries

C. Description of Incident

The night before the accident happened, Miss Lim Hoey Chun was requested by the senior technician to take a BMI CPU (Central Processing Unit) from the rack at a staff technician room. When she was walking out of the staff technician room while holding the CPU, her feet was caught by the mess of wired and cables on the ground and she accidently losing her balance and fall. Then, the CPU also hit her arm and head, causing her to broke her arm and lose consciousness. Miss Lim Hoey Chun was taken to the Metro Medical Centre and was hospitalized for four days. There were two witnesses to the incident, Mr Hariz Abdullah and Miss Teng Sook Boon.

D. Causes

After an initial investigation, I discovered that safety awareness was lacking in the workplace. The workplace also was in mess with the cables, wired and equipment that are not suppose to be there lying around. Apart from that, the BMI CPU also was too heavy to be carried by only one person.

E. Recommendations

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