Accident Identification

Topics: Radio, Frequency, Electromagnetic spectrum Pages: 3 (387 words) Published: April 15, 2012


The aim of this project is to implement an accident identification system wirelessly using one of the wireless communications Radio Frequency.


Generally we don’t have any information while

our closest friends or family members met an accident

at some distance. Due to that we may face severe

situations at sometime. To avoid this problem we are

using accident identification system using RF, by this

we get the intimation very quickly and we save their

lives by taking some correct decision.

In transmitter section we are using H-Bridge, motors, vibration sensor, microcontroller, RF transmitter with RF encoder. In receiver section we are using RF receiver with decoder, microcontroller, LCD. How the identification will done is when the vehicle is moving, whenever the vehicle met an accident the vibration sensor which is attached to the vehicle, senses the vibrations and send this signal to the micro controller. According to the program controller takes appropriate decision that stops the vehicle immediately and at the same time the message i.e., vehicle met an accident will transfer from controller to the RF transmitter via RF encoder. From that it is received by the RF receiver and it is passed to the controller at the receiver section via RF decoder. According to the received information, corresponding message will display on LCD.


Transmitter Section:


Receiver section:


Power Supply:


Soft wares used:

❖ Keil C: Used to write the Embedded C program

❖ Express PCB: Used to design a circuit diagram

❖ µC Flash: Used to dump the software into microcontroller

Hard wares Used:

❖ Power Supply: Used to give 5V or 12V power supply to the microcontroller board

❖ Micro Controller(AT89S52): Used to control the operation of the whole circuit

❖ H-Bridge: Used to drive the...
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