Accident Essay

Topics: Raft, Boat, Sun Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: December 16, 2012
It was a beautifull spring day on Coruh River in Turkey. Sun was shining and It was pretty hot. The sky was partly cloudly. A day before my group and our instructor had arrived in Turkey. We decided to go rafting. We had arranged to meet up at 9 oclock after brakfast. The walk to the river shore was short but all the tourists could notice was the boats being pulled out of the mini vans that drove them. Each boat could contain 3 people. When I arrived, others were waithing for me and Lucy, sweet fifteen-year old girl. Our instructor was Mr Timothy Eliot. He told us that we are going to raft for 2 hrs as the distance is 12 Kms. he told us not to shout so that we can hear his instructions. The instructor directed the females first and explained to them how to put these god-awful black wet suits. The females of course changed in the bus while the males changed in the open field not afraid of showing there bodies. Finally after an hour of blowing the rafts up, getting dressed, and explanations we went into boats. I was in the boat with Lucy and our friend Louis. At the beginning I was a bit frightened, but then I relaxed. While we were rafting, wather was splashing our boat. Whole situation seemed unreal to me. I was really excited. Suddenly sky began to darken. We all looked at the sky. „Dont panic! Weather can change fast, here. Just continue.“ But somehow, water became very fast. I didnt know what to do. I was frightened. We came across the curve and Louis shivered. „Just do what you have learned.“, instructor said. I knew Loius wasnt good at rafting. This was his third time and for some of us this was the first time to go rafting without instructor in boat. Louis tried to rotate the boat. Just then, big wave hit our boat and we overturned. I was in water catching breath. I saw Louis holding Lucys tinny body. She was unconcious. Instructor was speaking on a phone, he called for a help. At last rescue service came! They put us in their boat. Doctor examined...
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