Topics: Past tense, Crime, Present tense Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: April 27, 2013
An accident happen in my home 11.41-12.41 Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. I remember that (unnecessary, remove ‘that’) there was once an accident that happen (past tense “happened”) in my home late in the night.(suggested sentence structure: I remember a horrifying accident that once happened in my home late at night) It was Friday which is a day I would enjoy my computer. (It was a usual/mundane Friday night whereby I would spend my night using my computer.) My family was all sleeping soundly in their room. And(Unnecessary, remove) Then I heard a (loud)(Add in some adjectives after ‘a’) creaking and knocking sound coming from the attic. It sounds like there is someone walking around in the attic. As they always said(say) curiosity killed the cat, so I (have decided to stay out of trouble and to just ignore it/ give a cold shoulder towards it).was trying to give the cold shoulder about that. But it is getting louder at the moment.(However, it gets louder gradually.) Soon, my mother and my sister was(were) awake. My mother though (thought) that I was the one who is making all those sounds (noises). She and came in to have a look. She came in and asked (can use stronger synonyms such as: interrogate, questioned)me about (regarding those noises) those sounds and of course, I told her that the sounds(noise/sound) was from the attic and it have (had) been going on for awhile already. Then, my mother called me to take my baseball bat and go (we went to) check out the house together because she was worried that there may be a thief in the house. I got (had) no choice but to leave my computer alone (behind) and go(went) with my mother. We check(checked) the attic, hall, kitchen, garage, and even the toilet but no sign is(was) found. (no sign of tracks were found) My mother when (went) outside to take a look at the roof and then found out that our neighbor is also checking their...
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