Access to Clean Water Is a Life Changing Experience.

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es Access to clean water is a life changing experience


780 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water. 300,000 people die every week from unsafe water and insanitary living conditions, and 90 percent of them are children that are under five years old. So, why does it matter if people don’t have access to clean water? First, all humans need to drink clean water to survive. Water helps maintain our physical bodies, keeping us hydrated, clean and healthy. It sustains our cells, cools us down and dissolves many substances in our bodies. Water keeps us sanitized. Sanitation is a scale of how clean something is. It means maintaining health and hygiene, keeping clean, preventing diseases and having access to clean drinking water. Without access to clean water, people face many hardships and arduousness in their lives. They have a poor quality life, and would have great difficulty trying to survive in this world. Without clean water, they cannot stay sanitized, wash themselves, cook, or clean. Without clean water, animal life and plant life would fail to sustain as well. Since those crops and animals are food sources for people around the world, they would not be able to support their health and physical bodies, and would live off everything at subsistence level. Thus, only pure, clean water has the competence of granting us with healthy lives, giving us the privilege to drink, wash clean and stay sanitized.


Hygiene and sanitation is vital in every individual’s personal health, and so is clean water. Unclean water has even more germs and bacteria and can carry potential diseases; therefore, harming our bodies even more. Epidemics and lethal diseases such as respiratory infections and inflammation of intestines can spread to massive populations of people from contaminated water, due to no access to clean water. One of the most fatal and common disease is diarrhea. The biggest cause of diarrheal diseases is insanitation and unhygienic conditions for the people. 1.5 million people die from diarrheal diseases every year. Diarrheal diseases are also the biggest cause for infections. Individuals get plagued with sickness and despondency and eventually, they will die. Without sanitation, like using a toilet, or cleaning their bodies, the lifestyle of those people would be close to an animal. Without toilets, every single female would have no privacy. In fact, half the girls worldwide that attend schools don’t use toilets. Moreover, through those experiences, those people can feel degradation, shame and a loss of their dignity. In Madagascar, 25-year-old and her five children from Andoakaola were forced to collect water from a muddy, contaminated pool of water polluted with flies buzzing around and animals walking in it. However, after WaterAid helped build a well for her and her family, her life has changed drastically as now she can stay sanitized and provide a clean, healthy lifestyle for her children. However this is only the lack of quality in the actual water. What if they had to walk several kilometers just to retrieve the water? In Kenya, women and young girls have to walk six kilometers everyday to retrieve water, several times a day. In India, women take six trips back and forth to transport the water, carrying the 15-liter buckets on their heads, walking almost ten miles! People spend 40 billion hours in Africa per year carrying loads of water back and forth. Every women and girl has to work tediously, walking grueling distances to get water from a stream or river. Many times the water isn’t even clean. Sometimes, other wildlife or animals fight for that water source as well.


Improvements in clean water supply and access to clean water lead to major improvements in people’s lives in villages and communities. For example, if women and young girls all around the world didn’t have to walk such demanding distances to retrieve the water, 152...
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