Access 2007 Advanced Exercises

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Access 2007 Advanced Exercises

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Exercise 1: Define Data Needs Exercise 2: Define Field Data Types Exercise 3: Modify Field Properties Exercise 4: Set Validation Rules Exercise 5: Define and Modify Primary Keys Exercise 6: Define and Modify Multi-Field Primary Keys Exercise 7: Define Tables in Databases Exercise 8: Create Tables Based on the Structure of Other Tables Exercise 9: Create and Modify Queries Exercise 10: Open Databases Exercise 11: Format and Modify a Chart Exercise 12: Import and Export Data Exercise 13: Set Printing Options

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Choose Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office®>Microsoft Office Excel 2007. In Excel, click Office Click Open. Locate and open the data file Product Info.xlsx. Save as: Product Info-[your first initial and last name] (for example, Product Inforgupta). .

Define Data Needs
When you begin to design a database, you should think about the types of data that you need to include. One way to prepare data use in a database is to set up your data fields in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. When entering data in an Access database, consider whether the data should be calculated by the database or entered by the user. Stored data will remain the same until the user manually changes it. Calculated data changes in response to other data modifications. Examples of stored data and calculated data are shown in Table 1.1. TABLE 1.1 Examples of stored data and calculated data Stored Data Product ID Product name

Calculated Data
Total value of all products in inventory. Total number of products in inventory. Total Value is calculated by multiplying the Product cost field by the Inventory field. Average monthly inventory levels.

Read each field name. Note that the fields Product ID,...
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