Accepting Men

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  • Published : November 22, 2010
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For many things, change is inevitable. According to an excerpt tittled “Accepting Men as They Are”, written by Albert Ellis, men are sex- orientated, selfish, and workaholics. Ellis believes that it is useless to try to change a man because that is how they are built. There is no point in changing because it simply cannot be done. That could be true, however, this passage was written in 1979, about three decades ago. The author had another perspective because he lived in a different generation. Men acted like they were superior, but it is now the 21st century; times has changed, and so have men. Even though many people will say that men are all the same, men are capable of changing for the better. After all, we are all humans. Humans change for the better every day like going to rehab and fix their problems. Men that change for the better are shown throughout literature, history, and the media. There are many times where men were able to change completely, like the Grinch, Tiger Woods, and in the movie “Click” where Adam Sandler acted as Michael Newman who was portrayed as a workaholic. In the passage, Ellis stated that “All men are selfish”, however in the popular childrens’ book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas¸ Grinch was able to change. Symbolic of men, the Grinch was selfish, bitter, and did not want to relate himself to any of the Whos. He wanted to take everyone’s joy away so he attempted to steal Christmas. Even though he takes all the décor, he was appalled that everyone still had the holiday spirit in them. Because of a young adolescent named Little Cindy Loo Who, he was able to change and return all the decorations and presents back to the village. One of the peak points in the movie was when Little Cindy Loo Who was about to fall off a cliff because of his sleigh was too heavy to carrying all the Christmas decorations and presents. The Grinch’s heart grew bigger and bigger, and he did not care if he got hurt and tried to save the life of the child...
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