Acceptance and Suitability of Customer Satisfaction Toward Queue Management in Theme Park, Kuala Lumpur

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Priority queues and their impact are particularly under researched despite ubiquity in airlines, theme parks, night clubs, hotels and other service contexts. Other than that, queue is a common phenomena in daily live. For example banks that has customer in line to get service of teller, cars queue up for re-filling, hospital, restaurant, insurance company and others.Queuing has been a well-researched topic for many years and much published information is available.(Giffin2010).

Queues are not an unfamiliar phenomenon. To define a queue requires specification of certain characteristics which describe the system: An input process: This may be the arrival of an entity at a service location, (Houda 2009).A service mechanism; this may be any kind of service operation which processes arriving entities. The major features which must be specified are the number of servers and the duration of the service. The queue discipline: It defines the rules of how the arrivals behave before service occurs. (Houda 2009)

According to Milman(2001),queuing is the process of moving customers in a specific sequence to a specific service according to the customer need. On the other hand Ahmed S. A. AL-Jumaily (2011) mentioned that queue is a waiting line, whether of people, signals or things. Based on the definition given, it clearly shows that queuing is a process that involve with human and waiting time.

Furthermore, according to Larson (2011), waiting time is the amount of time a person, signal or thing spends before being attended to, or before value adding work is performed to or on it. In addition, most of business organization nowadays really put in higher consideration on how to manage the queuing in their daily business operation (Hui 1992).


Furthermore, according to Ashley (2000), queue in theory part can be defined as a mathematical study of waiting line or can call as queues. The queuing theory is generally considered as a branch of operation research because the result is often used when business decisions were about to made, especially something that related to the resources of service provider. In relation with the notion, queuing theory is a model constructed so that queue lengths and waiting times can be predicted thus, might lead to the less service failure (Agner, Krarup and Erlang, 2013).

However, queuing from service industry perspective is much more critical compare to management part. It is deals with an issue of treatment of customer in sense reduce waiting time and improvement of service because queue management deals with cases where the customer arrival is randomly. For example in service organization, by efficient queue management system, it can help to reduce cost and thus help to improve profitability by adding a new counters in order to reduce waiting time.

Service time taken by staff in order to deliver service to the customer is also critical point in customer satisfaction. According Paterson, Maier and Seligman (1993), the waiting can be associated with multiple attitudes, for example their feel helpless in a wait of unknown duration or with unknown result.



As mention previously, most of business organizations nowadays are really put in higher consideration on how to manage the queuing system. There are numerous factor that may influence to the type of queuing system apply in organization. According to La Tour and Peat (1979), poor queuing system will probably contribute to the low level of customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, as mention by Raz and Ert (2008), no matter how good your queuing system apply, but if the staff are not able to manage the service process, it will obviously effect the customer satisfaction. Based on the element highlighted, it clearly shows that, staffs play a major importance roll in order to assist the queuing system in organization.

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