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To: All Employees-

From: Director of IT

Subject: Reminder: Company policy on acceptable use of email and text messaging


As the size of our company grows I wanted to take a minute to refresh you on the Company acceptable use policy for email and text messaging. This policy is not meant to limit or censor your email and texting but to provide a guideline of appropriate use. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper use of the email, so all employees are aware of what is deemed as acceptable, and unacceptable.


• Email is primarily for business use. Employees are permitted to use email for occasional and reasonable personal use, subject to the terms in this policy.

• All employees need to be aware that the employing organization can monitor the use of email

• Email is a corporate communication business tool, and email communications should be in a suitable professional manner, appropriate to the organization and working of the team.

• At all times when you leave your workstation you must ‘lock’ the computer to stop other unauthorized individuals gaining access to your email.

• Harassment of any kind is prohibited.

• No messages with derogatory or inflammatory remarks about an individual's race, age, disability, religion, national origin, physical attributes or sexual preference shall be transmitted.

• No abusive, profane or offensive language is to be transmitted through the company's e-mail or Internet system.

• Solicitation of non-company business or any use of the company e-mail or Internet for personal gain is prohibited.


✓ Do check your electronic mail daily to see if you have any messages.

✓ Do take care not to express views, which could be regarded as defamatory or libelous.

✓ Do check the address line before sending a message and check you are sending it to the right person.


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