Acceptability of Tuna-Veggie in Making Nutritious Siomai

Topics: Balance sheet, Asset, Debt Pages: 13 (3200 words) Published: September 2, 2013
* A type of transaction in which payment for a good is made at the time of delivery. If the purchaser does not make payment when the good is delivered, then the good will be returned to the seller.

* Assets pledged by a borrower to secure a loan or other credit, and subject to seizure in the event of default. Also called security.

* To examine and compare carefully in order to note points of disagreement. * To assemble in proper numerical or logical sequence.

Collecting Bargaining
* The good faith regulation between the bargaining agent for a group of employees in their employer or the employers agent for the purpose of setting wages rates, working condition etc.

Computer industry
* The computer, or IT, industry is the range of businesses involved in developing computer software, designing computer hardware and computer networking infrastructures, the manufacture of computer components and the provision of information technology services.

*The right to perform certain duties or to take on certain powers *A document giving this right
*The condition of having such a right.
*The right to act for another
*That which one is given the right to do for another
*A committing or doing, as of a crime
*A group of a people officially appointed to perform specified duties Commodity
*Any useful thing
*Anything bought and sold
*Any article of commence
Common Carrier
*A person or company in the business or transporting people or goods for the fee, at a uniform rate available to all persons. Comptroller

A controller; a public officer whose duty it is to examine certify accounts. Consignment
*A consigning or being consign
*Something comsign esp., a shipment of goodssent to an agent for sale or safekeeping-on consignment shipped or turned over to an agent for sale, with payment to follow sale. Consignee

*the person to whom merchandise is delivered over
Recipient, receiver - a person who receives something

*the person who delivers over or commits merchandise
Corporate finance
The area that involves the financial aspects of a business or corporation. Financial aspects include accounting and investments

Cost plus
descriptive agreement to perform work at raw court increase by an allowance for overhead and profit such as allowance is usually based on percentage of raw court .

Counter check
*Anything that check restrains,etc.
*A double check to be sure
*A check obtained at a bank by depositor making a withdrawal Counter sign
*A signiture added to a document to confirm that a signiturealready on it is genuine Creditor
*A person who extend business credit or one to whom money is owed.

Credit control Activity aimed at serving the dual purpose of (1) increasing sales revenue by extending credit to customers who are deemed a good credit risk, and (2) minimizing risk of loss from bad debts by restricting or denying credit to customers who are not a good credit risk. Effectiveness of credit control lies in procedures employed for judging a prospect's creditworthiness, rather than in procedures used in extracting the owed money. Also called credit management.

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Current asset
Accounting finance assets are likely to be converted in the prevent accounting period, as cash accounts , account receivable, inventory , etc.

Curltailnment A technique used by a company to help it become more stable by reducing company operations. A company may need to increase financial or operational stability, and may do so through various methods including laying off employees, outsourcing parts of the operation, or selling or merging parts of the company.

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A technique used by a company to help it become more stable by reducing company...
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