Accelerometer Based Robot Motion and Speed Control

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Nowadays tracing and attacking enemies at different areas are very much difficult for the soldiers. There may be a chance for lost of lives of the soldiers during war and emergency situations. We have implemented a solution for the problem of replacing a soldier with a Robot Soldier completely controlled with a wireless network. The idea is to detect an object that is located at some distance using camera. As the life of a soldier is very valuable, a real soldier can be replaced by an artificial robotic soldier and perform few activities that can be achievable by an artificial robot. In this way instead of risking the life of a soldier for everything we can avoid few situations where an activity can be performed without a real soldier. So this is something like automation in the war field with maximum usage of present technological aspects with minimum loss.


To implement this project mainly we are using 8051 and ARM microcontrollers. Accelerometer sensor is used to control the speed & direction of the motor and ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection.

As we bend the Pam towards front, the robot speed increases. Left, right, reverse direction is controlled through Pam movement. Communication b/w control & robot unit is done wireless using zigbee transceiver.

If the obstacle is measured within 30 inches, then a buzzer beeps & an intimation is sent to the control unit. If auto mode key is selected, then the robot will start moving in unique direction with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is used for detecting the obstacle and changing the path in auto mode.

In this project wireless camera is mounted on head of the robot for live video streaming.

8051 architecture based P89V51RD2 microcontroller from NxP is used to implement this project. Microcontroller acts as the heart of this...
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