ACCA Members' Age Level Analysis

Topics: Accountant, Bookkeeping Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: December 6, 2011
ACCA members age level analysis
As the world's largest and fastest growing, international professional accounting body, one feature of ACCA, which is different compare to other accounting bodies, is ACCA focuses on young people accounting education and its members age are younger. As the ACCA account 2009-2010 presents, in the last 5 years, number of members and students were increasing, and the number of student and affiliates is much more than number of members. Table 1 show in appendix. ACCA encourage students to register and provide accountancy information to them, ACCA also cooperate with qualified universities so that the accounting student in the university can pass the ACCA papers while they pass module examination. However, even students pass final examination of ACCA, they still need 3 years relevant working experiences to get the qualification. Table 2 shows the length of time since registering as a student of 6 accountancy bodies. Students who register in ACCA more than 5 years is 23% of the total number, compare to CAI, there is zero student who need more than 5 years change to member from student. Age level of members are shown in the Table 3, at the age under 25, ACCA is in first position with 356 people, however, calculate as percentage in Table 4, it is only 0.25% of whole number. The majority of member is at the age between 35 and 44, which is 38.94%. The age level affects the competitiveness of ACCA directly, as Table 5 show, in the past 15 months of 2009/2010, confidence of stakeholder and employers declines, which means they are going to consider other accountancy bodies as the leader of profession, and not going to believe that ACCA will provide appropriate solution. On the other hand, more and more members, students and affiliates thought ACCA is less important and less value of money. To improve this problem, provide more offers to student and young members are suggested, for example, cheaper membership fee or first year free...
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