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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Unilateral offer: A “unilateral offer” is one which is mode to the world at large or public in general and may be accepted by any person who fulfils the requisite conditions.

It is notable that “unilateral offer” can be accepted by one i.e. Acceptance is open for all.

Yes. though my understanding of Indian contract act 1872, Doraemon’s offer is a unilateral one and can be accepted by anyone along with the friends who where presents there .however, the acceptor (spongebob) of the contract has not followed some legal rules of the acceptance .were moving towards the doraemon & SpongeBob case with a rigorous of analysis the essential rules to acceptance offer in a valid mode according to the Indian contract act 1872.

Acceptance must be given only by the person to whom the offer is mode @with whom it imports an intention to contract. In case of general/unilateral offer the offer can be accepted by any person who has knowledge of the existence of the offer.

Here in our case i.e. doreamon vs spongebob there is the validity of acceptance of spongebob as the spongeab had a clear knowledge regarding the offer.

Next to be a valid acceptor can it must be expressed in some usual @reasonable manner unless the proposal prescribes the manner in which it is to be accepted. it explains that acceptance does not include the “silence “ as a mode of acceptance .It says that mental acceptance is ineffectual .The mental acceptance means that quiet assent not evidence by word or conduct does not amount to a valid acceptance .

If the case of Dureamon vs spongebob the offer is mode correctly and spongebob has eligibility to accept the offer .however the acceptor (spongebob) has not communication to offeror (doraemon).Here the acceptance made by spongebob become invalid as there is no proof to accept that offer .

In addition to that to be a valid contractual relation there must be a legal consideration according to the contract Act section 10.

First consideration...
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