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 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and the main factors determining pay

I’m working in HGS company, my company are using the following number of ways of inspiring and motivating a team and these include the use of:

• Positive imagery
• Team-building activities
• Training
• Enhanced communication
• Targets, rewards and incentives

Positive imagery
Posting motivational themes and messages, in the form of slogans or quotes, can help to positively empower a team.  By enabling them to visualise success, through the words of celebrities or industry professionals, they are more likely to be able to imagine similar success for themselves thus motivating them to improve their performance.

Team-building activities
Despite mixed feelings about team-building activities, the fact that they encourage people to work together outside the office environment can be a definite advantage.  They can encourage healthy competition and give each member of staff the opportunity to be on the winning team.  Improving team relationships can result in increased productivity and morale, and can lead to a much happier and healthier working environment.  Such exercises can also help in the resolution of pre-existing issues within the team.  It is important that all team-building exercises are carefully balanced to ensure that they do not play to the particular strengths, or weaknesses, of employees but are designed instead to give everybody a chance of success.

People can be taught to become more motivated by showing them how to deconstruct tasks and challenges, and how to feel less intimidated by their job roles.  Demonstrating to them how to cope in the workplace can lead directly to improved motivation.

Enhanced communication
Communication does not only mean talking to your team but also listening to them.  It is important to ensure their understanding of company objectives and their individual job roles but it is equally important to show them the importance of their feedback to the achievement of targets and standards.

Targets, rewards and incentives
It is generally accepted that having targets to work towards, as long as they are realistic, is one of the most effective ways of improving performance.  Hitting targets improves morale and self-confidence but remember that those who consistently underachieve will end up feeling demotivated.

Target achievement can be rewarded not only with financial incentives but perhaps with the offer of increased responsibility or even promotion.  Different people are motivated by different things so it is important to make sure that you offer the right incentives to the right member of the team.

Motivating a team is always easier if you fully understand that they may not necessarily be motivated by the same things as you.  The most effective teams are those that feel valued and supported but also feel that they are progressing and developing through the completion of challenging tasks.  If a team understands company objectives, they are much more likely to want to work harder towards their achievement.  Also, most people tend to respond well to being given the opportunity to make decisions and take on additional responsibilities. Whatever motivational techniques work the best, it is always important to ensure that your team feels it is making a valuable and positive contribution.

Identify a range of rewards systems
HGS company has been set a rewards systems. Strategies for rewarding their employees’ performance and contributions include both non-financial and financial mechanisms. Some of the primary ones are discussed below. The list is not exhaustive, and individual units/departments may identify additional mechanisms that are appropriate for and support their culture and goals.  Professional growth and development opportunities- Supervisors may provide employees opportunities to participate in educational programs or other...
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