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Today we define “Corporate Social Responsibility” as the way a company balances its economic, social and environmental objectives while addressing stakeholder expectations and enhancing shareholder value. But ACC has undertaken social volunteering practices almost from its inception, – long before the term corporate social responsibility was coined. The company’s earliest initiatives in community development date back to the 1940's in a village on the outskirts of Mumbai while the first formal Village Welfare Scheme was launched in 1952. The community living around many of our factories comprises the weakest sections of rural and tribal India with no access to basic amenities. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

“The Company shall continue to have among its objectives the promotion and growth of the national economy through increased productivity, effective utilization of material and manpower resources and continued application of modern scientific and managerial techniques, in keeping with the national aspiration; and the Company shall continue to be mindful of its social and moral responsibilities to consumers, employees, shareholders, society and the local community. In pursuance of the above objective, ACC acknowledges the importance of the concept of inter-dependence of all sections of society. In particular, its focus revolves around the community residing in the immediate vicinity of its Cement Plants and Mines where it seeks to actively assist in improving the quality of life and making this community self-reliant. In line with its abiding concern for preservation of the ecological balance and safeguarding the health of the community, ACC has always actively demonstrated its firm resolves to protect the environment Mindful of its great tradition, ACC is deeply committed to enhancing its reputation and respect built over the years in industry and society for its professional style of management based on philosophy of the best in business ethics.” Community & Rural Welfare

Our community development activities revolve around the under-privileged community that lives in the immediate vicinity of our cement plants and is thus more dependent on us. The range of our activities begins with extending educational and medical facilities and goes on to cover vocational guidance and supporting employment-oriented and income-generation projects like agriculture, animal husbandry, cottage industries by developing local skills, using local raw materials and helping create marketing outlets. At all our cement factories we share our amenities and facilities with members of the local community. This includes sharing education and medical facilities, sports and recreation. Wherever possible we share access to Bore Wells, drinking water and the usage of colony roads. Education

Education is imparted not only to children of ACC employees but also more importantly to children from rural areas who do not have access to any medium of information or education. ACC schools maintain high standards and are open to other children of the vicinity. Often these schools are the most preferred centers of learning in the district and adjoining areas. Wherever possible, ACC provides funds and infrastructure to help set up local schools, colleges and centers for learning and education. Healthcare

ACC takes pride in providing various forms of medical assistance to the families of our employees and also to all those living in surrounding villages. Each factory has a medical center with full-fledged doctors and the latest of basic equipment. Mobile medical services are provided in the vicinity and regular medical camps are held to eradicate diseases, offer medical help, treatment and preventive care. ACC has come out to provide support to state and national health initiatives such as the eradication of malaria, dengue fever and the dreaded HIV. HIV/AIDS - Workplace Policy

ACC is desirous of playing a...
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