Acc 421 Week 3 Wileyplus Assignment - Exercises

Balance sheet , Expense , Cash flow statement

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ACC 421 Week 3 WileyPlus Assignment - Exercises
Business - Accounting

ACC421 Week 3 E5-5 E5-12 E5-15 E24-2 E24-4

E5-5 (Preparation of a Corrected Balance Sheet) Bruno Company has decided to expand its operations. The bookkeeper recently completed the balance sheet presented on the next page in order to obtain additional funds for expansion.

DECEMBER 31, 2010
Current assets
Cash $260,000
Accounts receivable (net) 340,000
Inventories at lower of average cost or market 401,000
Trading securities—at cost (fair value $120,000) 140,000
Property, plant, and equipment
Building (net) 570,000
Office equipment (net) 160,000
Land held for future use 175,000
Intangible assets
Goodwill 80,000

and so on ...

Prepare a revised balance sheet given the available information. Assume that the accumulated depreciation balance for the buildings is $160,000 and for the office equipment, $105,000. The allowance for doubtful accounts has a balance of $17,000. The pension obligation is considered a long-term liability.

E5-12 (Preparation of a Balance Sheet) Presented below is the trial balance of Vivaldi Corporation at December 31, 2010.

Debits Credits
Cash $ 197,000
Sales $ 7,900,000
Trading Securities (at cost, $145,000) 153,000
Cost of Goods Sold 4,800,000
Long-term Investments in Bonds 299,000
Long-term Investments in Stocks 277,000
Short-term Notes Payable 90,000
Accounts Payable 455,000
Selling Expenses 2,000,000
Investment Revenue 63,000
Land 260,000
Buildings 1,040,000
and so on ....

Prepare a balance sheet at December 31, 2010, for Vivaldi Corporation. Ignore income taxes.

E5-15 (Preparation of a Statement of Cash Flows) Presented below is a condensed version of the comparative balance sheets for Sondergaard Corporation for the last two...
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