Acc 291 Learning Team Reflection Wk 5

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Learning Team Objective


Learning Team

During weeks four and five, we learned all about methods a company can have a picture of their overall fiscal rankings. A few of the subjects dealt with include using a report of cash flows to observe the coming in and going out of cash, assessing fiscal reports, the way to report the issuance of the various kinds of stock and dividend payments, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act influence.

A report of cash flows indicates the receipt and payment of cash for the organization. The direct method is desired by the FASB, even though both ways are acceptable, and shows cash receipts and payments in operations whereas the indirect method changes net income which does not influence cash. To get commenced with a report of cash flows, the organization must change its net income from an accrual basis to a cash basis. Ultimately, an organization may decide their free cash flow to find out the amount of money is remaining after adjustments for capital expenses and dividends have been completed.

The 3 methods of assessment are the horizontal, vertical, and ratio analysis. Horizontal assesses the fiscal report data during a period of time. This decides the increase or reduction which has occurred. Vertical analysis reports every item like a percent of base sum. This decides what amount of the total assets are existing assets or what amount of the net sales are selling expenditures. Ratio analysis reports the connection amongst the chosen items of the reports. This decides liquidity of assets, profits of the organization, and the solvency ratio informs if the organization is likely to survive over a long interval of time.

Investors are able to use the cash flow report to find out if the organization has adequate cash to increase operations and pay dividends. The organization may use the information in the cash flow report to assess the effectiveness of operations. Cash flow from funding activities...
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