ACB's Work Climate Survey

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  • Published : June 24, 2011
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During the May of 2011, all employees at ACB have taken a survey asking about their feeling of the work climate. This survey has 25 questions, all of which are designed to measure the satisfaction of ACB’s staffs on their job as well as to judge their attitude to the current financial status of this bank.

By providing basic data about work environment, the results of the survey will help leaders of ACB identify factors that can improve the work environment.

The survey is organized into three sections, including problem statement, literature research and methodology.


The year 2010 remarked ACB’s significant success in implementing its business strategy of developing into a universal bank by reinforcing and affirming its position as the l e a d i n g wholesale bank while simultaneously strengthening retail business for diversification and profit maximization. ACB has continuously launched a diversified range of highly functional products such as fund mobilization, corporate lending, e-banking services, money transfer… In 2010, ACB has been recognized by international community as “Best bank in Vietnam” in many fields (cash management, forex trading, trade finance). Besides, Vietnam Report and Tax Magazine (Tax Bureau) voted and announced ACB as the biggest income tax payment bank of Vietnam, the fourth biggest income tax payment corporation of Vietnam, which acknowledges the significant contribution of ACB to the state budget and simultaneously confirms Vietnam’s superior efficiency in operation over the last years. ACB will be flexible and drastic in management to make a breakthrough in retail business and strengthen wholesale activities, keep up with market changes, step by step develop into a modern, professional and effective bank to meet the strategic objective of becoming the universal financial group among the 70 largest financial institutions in Asia and securing the leading position in Vietnam. In 2010, the global economy has overcome the crisis however not yet totally recovered. Moreover, many new threats have come: European sovereign debt crisis, high inflation threats in China and other emerging economies, “the currency war”. Vietnam has experienced a relatively high growth rate (6.78%), however, on the other hand, consumer price index (CPI) has exceeded two figures (11.75%). Inflation rate, interest rate, exchange rate… have changed unpredictably. Credit growth of banking system was high (29.81%) meanwhile fund mobilization from the economy only increased by 27.2%. In 2010, ACB has restructured departments in Head office towards division management model by establishing finance and retail banking departments. To continuously complete management tools, ACB keeps developing the network of branches and transaction offices in order to maintain market share, increase competitive advantage and expand business. In 2010, ACB formed 2 new branches and 40 transaction offices. At present, the Bank has 357 transaction offices and branches covering 43 provinces and cities in the country. Together with improving organization structure, expanding network, ACB’s BOM always pay much attention to human resource management. Understanding that human resource plays an important role in ACB’s success, in 2010, ACB has placed great emphasis on human resources management reflecting through staff appointing, dismissing, rotating activities in order to develop a highly expertise, ethical and passionate staff base. In 2010, the number of employees increased by 9.5% compared to that of 2009. ACB has organized more than 70 training courses for the employees. More than 3,000 staff were trained in 2010. As a result, the quality of employees was enhanced, facilitating ACB’s development. Since the beginning of 2011, the consumer price index (CPI) of Vietnam has dramatically and continuously risen, taking its peak at 3.32 percent in April. With this...
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