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Topics: La Quebrada Cliff Divers, Acapulco, Guerrero Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: November 12, 2012

Now I’m gonna talk about Acapulco and it’s attractions,tourism,history.This is the place that I’ve always wanted to go.

Acapulco is a city, municipality and major sea port in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico, 300 kilometres southwest from Mexico City. The area has a population of 786,830.Acapulco is located on a deep, semi-circular bay. Acapulco is also Mexico's largest beach. Acapulco features a tropical wet and dry climate. The climate here is hot with distinct wet and dry seasons. The warmest areas are next to the sea where the city is. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are threat from May through November.The city is best known as one of Mexico’s oldest and most well-known beach resorts. Acapulco is still famous for its nightlife and still attracts many vacationers, although most are now from Mexico itself.The resort area is divided into two: The north end of the bay is the "traditional" area, where the famous in the mid 20th century vacationed and the south end is dominated by newer luxury high rise hotels.The name "Acapulco" comes from Nahuatl language Aca-pōl-co, and means "where were destroyed or washed away the reeds".

There are two stories about how Acapulco bay was discovered by Europeans. The first states that two years after Hernán Cortés sent explorers west to find gold. The explorers had subdued this area after 1523, and Captain Saavedra Cerón was authorized by Cortés to found a settlement here. The other states that the bay was discovered on 13 December 1526 by a small ship named the El Tepache Santiago captained by Santiago Guevara. In 1920, the Prince of Wales visited the area. Impressed by what he saw, he recommended the place in Europe, making it popular with the elite there. During the 1960s and 1970s, new hotel resorts were built, and accommodation and transport were made cheaper. It was no longer necessary to be a millionaire to spend a holiday in Acapulco, the foreign and Mexican middle class...
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