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The expulsion of the Acadians in the Eyes of the British Officials

Miranda Pittman
HIST 1405
Dr. Darren Ferry
Tuesday October 16, 2012
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Charles Lawrence, Governor of the province of Nova Scotia made the decision of deporting the Acadians and his major superiors thought it was an intelligent dispatch [...] (Griffiths, 128). There are many different reasons to why the British Officials went through with this deportation. The British Officials conducted the expulsion of the Acadians between 1755 and 1758 from Nova Scotia. The Acadians were not fully trusted and became an obstacle for the British Officials to take full control of Nova Scotia. The British Officials wanted to follow through with the deportation because the Acadians wanted to remain neutral, the rising tension with the French and the Acadians refusal to sign the Oath of Allegiance caused the British to doubt the Acadian’s resolve to remain neutral.

The British Officials wanted the Acadians to take the Oath of Allegiance, but the Acadians wanted to remain neutral between the British and the French. The Acadians stood their ground by not taking the Oath of Allegiance. Therefore, the biggest problem the British had for the Acadians was their neutrality. By staying neutral to both, the British could not trust that the Acadians would be more favourable to the French in a time of conflict.

‘The councilman also cited the Acadians recent behaviour. Those who
favoured removing them argued that they had helped supply the French
army and Mi’kmaq warriors and refused to sell provisions to the British
except at exorbitant prices. [...], and the councilman assumed that they
provided the French and Mi’kmaq useful intelligence’ (Plank, 110). This quotes shows that the British Officials had suspicions that some of the Acadians were already working against them. The British Officials knew and understood they could not fully trust all...
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