Academic Writing Based on One of the Strategies in Teaching Preschool Pupil

Topics: Education, Motor control, Learning Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: July 18, 2011
Academic Writing Based On One Of The Strategies in Teaching Preschool Pupil

A special focus on curriculum and teaching strategies in preschool programs is important for two reasons. First, although all young children are born ready to learn, many “weak” children fall behind early and remain very much behind their peers. Success in narrowing this achievement gap depends on providing young children with specific knowledge in preschool curriculum before they start kindergarten. Second, over the past decade there has been an exponential increase in our understanding of how young children learn and how early experiences promote achievement. As a result of this new research, there has been a fundamental shift in the way curriculum and professional development are understood during the preschool years.

In preschool curricula, there are many strategies that can be use by teachers to teach them and increase students learn ability. Most children begin their formal schooling at the age of five or six. And their developing is start by this age. Teacher’s responsibility is also to develop their fine motor skills. Aside from helping students with letters and numbers, it is a preschool teacher's job to guide the development of fine motor skills. This can be accomplished through any activity that engages the smaller muscles in a child's hands, toes, lips, tongue and eyes. Fine motor skills also promote good balance and coordination. Be sure to provide plenty of art projects and puzzles to work on inside the classroom, but also bring your class outside on a regular basis for some physical activity. Play catch or host a relay race.

Kid’s development is most important in their life. Fine and gross motor skill must be developed together to balancing their growing phase. In school, teachers may use physical and mental activity to bring students fun and learning something new. These activities will help out them to learn by knowing by remember what action they were acting. As...
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